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LAW TUTOR DIRECT is comprised of qualified Solicitors who know and understand that the study of law is an arduous and financially burdensome pursuit. The objective of this tuition service is to offer students concise, cost effective and user friendly tuition to assist undergraduates and postgraduates in obtaining a law degree/masters or to assist graduates in securing a place on the Law Society or Kings Inns professional courses.

Law Tutor Direct offers tuition support to the following:

Each student will be given concise and user friendly notes covering all examinable areas. There will be no voluminous texts. The law on each issue will be expressed clearly and succinctly, reflecting principle caselaw and statute.

The key features of LAW TUTOR DIRECT are simplicity and precision, taking the drudgery out of study.

Students will be mentored on study and exam technique to ensure maximum results are achieved. Students will be advised on how to learn and absorb information, how to manage the stress and pressure of exams and how to pace one's study so as to avoid a deluge of cramming at exam time.


Law Society of Ireland Final Examination - First Part [FE-1] and Kings Inns Entrance Exams

Law Undergraduates and Post Graduates

Blackhall's Essential Law Revision Series

Law Tutor Direct

Blackhall's Essential Law Revision Series is a study aid for law at all levels, including undergraduate studies and the Law Society (fe1) and Kings Inns entrance exams.

The series covers Criminal, Contract, Tort, Property/Land Law, EU, Constitutional, Evidence, Equity and Trusts and Company.

They are available in paperback format for 20 each at

Author: James O'Mahony, Solicitor.

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