I used Law Tutor Direct to assist me in doing difficult college assignments and in preparing for exams. At exam time, I found the notes provided very helpful. They took the stress out of exam preparation and minimised the volumes of information. I felt well prepared and able to tackle exam questions in a very efficient way. It was very satisfying to get exam results which reflected the effort I put in. - Mary Kelly BCL, LLB

I received a real feeling of support from James throughout the study term. He was friendly and approachable whenever I needed things broken down into laymans terms. I'd read all the books but before I'd head in for exams it was always James' notes I'd have in my hand! - Sharon O Neill BCL

I started tutorials for the FE-1 exams with Law Tutor Direct as the volume of material to compile and comprehend for these exams was at times overwhelming. Law Tutor Direct condensed the material into concise notes which assisted in revision and also helped in structuring an answer for the FE-1 questions. I found the tutor to be flexible and approachable and of great assistance in terms of any problems with comprehending material. I felt confident when facing into the exams and was very pleased with my results thanks to Law Tutor Direct.
- Deborah Jeffers BCL

"I would be delighted to endorse the tuition service offered by Law Tutor Direct. I received tuition from Law Tutor Direct prior to sitting the Kings Inns Entrance Exams and would recommend anyone sitting these exams to avail of this tuition. The advice on exam technique and the notes given were key to my success in these exams." - Padraic O' Neill Trainee Barrister

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